Know What to Expect and How to Get the Most from Your RED-E-BIN



Things to keep in mind when scheduling delivery and pickup: You do not need to be present—just let us know where you’ll want your RED-E-BIN placed. Your rental period starts the day you receive the bin.  If you would like to extend your time frame, arrange for an earlier pickup, or swap-out for a new bin, just get in touch.

Ensure Space for Your RED-E-BIN

Identify where you want your RED-E-BIN (public streets generally are off-limits – please check with us before), and make sure the area for your dumpster is clear of any obstacles that could prevent proper placement, such as cars, trees or hanging wires. Be sure the size of your designated area can fit the bin and is located on your property.

Anticipate Delivery Truck Needs

Our bins are hauled by a pickup truck & trailer, so you won’t need as much space as a traditional roll-off dumpster delivery. However, our delivery vehicle does need to be able to back into your driveway with the RED-E-BIN trailer attached. The driver will also need ample space to maneuver your RED-E-BIN into position.

Note Your Delivery Date

You choose your delivery date before the order is placed, as is the specific placement for your bin; be sure to leave detailed instructions in the provided field at checkout. Deliveries and pickups take place 7 days a week between 7 AM and 7 PM.

  • If your bin is scheduled for pickup on a holiday it will be picked up the following day.

We always try to accommodate.  So if there’s a specific time of day when you want your RED-E-BIN delivered, please note this in the “order notes” portion of your order. And if you have strict scheduling needs,  give us a call at 716-733-3246 to make special arrangements.

Filling Your Dumpster

Be aware of what debris you’ll be placing in your RED-E-BIN, as there are limitations as to what we can safely dispose of.  Find out what can and cannot be put into your RED-E-BIN here.

If you over-fill your bin, we might not be able to take it, plus you may incur additional fees.

A RED-E-BIN can’t exceed a total of 3 tons of weight; to estimate the weight of concrete or shingles, check out our debris calculator.

Pickup Process

On the day of your pickup, our pros will ensure that your RED-E-BIN and the debris it contains is picked up quickly and quietly. If your 7-day or 10-day timeline results in a national holiday pickup, we will push your pickup to the next business day. To extend your timeline, swap out a full RED-E-BIN, or if you’d like to make changes to your pickup date, please log into your account or contact us directly.

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